Social Posting

Social Media Marketing

While social media marketing can be very effective in outreaching to your audience and engaging with them, it comes with a very big downside. That being the process of creating the relevant content, scheduling the post, engaging the audience can be very trying and tiring.

Unless one has the budget to hire a full time staff of graphic designers and copywriters, it would come to a point where the effort will prove too much and the posting slows down to a trickle and we start asking  why it doesn’t seem to work?

The best solution is to outsource the entire process of content creation and posting schedule to professionals and go back to focusing on your business.

That is where we can come in to help you manage your social media accounts with the content creation and posting schedules so that you can concentrate on the most important aspects of your business.

Below, we have a variety of options to suit different budget and needs. Pick one that suits you and we will start the ball rolling and managing your social media accounts for you.

Social Posting Campaigns

Daily Generic Postings

Bronze Posting Plan

Silver Posting Plan

Gold Posting Plan

Daily generic postings to keep your account “busy” and give page followers something to loo at without spamming them with content of your products daily.

Ideal for keeping followers engaged and interested while letting Facebook & Instagram know that yours is an active page 

Fresh custom monthly content perfect for small budget and posting every other day.

13 piece of content per month

Ideal for the ‘Basic’ users who are just starting out

Fresh custom monthly content ideal for Medium Sized Companies who want to publish daily and activating the Facebook ‘active’ trigger

31 piece of content per month

Ideal for the ‘Intermediate’ users who prefer an above average engagement

Fresh custom monthly content for Larger Companies or those who want to publish multiple times daily. This activates Facebook’s ‘active’ trigger.

62 piece of content per month

Ideal for the ‘Advanced’ users who need more content and engagement